Doha Festival City's Monoprix is the largest in the world, and has an extensive range of locally known brands - including the widest range of organic, fresh items from local farmers. Monoprix also brings internationally well-loved brands to Qatar, for the first time, from UK, Spain, Italy and all around the world, including new make-up ranges from Paris and Milan. Bringing its own French heritage to Qatar, the store is home to an authentic French bakery, a waffle house and an impressive “Cave à Fromage," which is stocked with a wide selection of the finest international cheeses.

Revolutionising the perception of Hypermarkets, Monoprix has introduced a new and innovative concept to Qatar, with a variety of dedicated in-store experiences for its clientele.

From restaurants to concept stores, exclusive electronic corners and more, Monoprix  unites retail experiences with food and entertainment concepts. Beyond being just a hypermarket, the new Monoprix brings together many of these elements and establishes a new customer experience for Qatar’s shoppers.


Opening Hours

Sunday - Wednesday 09:00 - 22:00

Thursday - Saturday 09:00 - 00:00